You may have heard of the term “Mudjacking” which refers to the process of injecting a mud/cement slurry underneath sunken concrete to raise it up. This technology has been around for many years, but has had its flaws. There has been a revelation when it comes to concrete lifting; Polyjacking! Polyjacking is a new technology used for concrete lifting that injects polyurethane beneath the cement through dime-sized holes.

4 Benefits to choosing Poly over Mud

  1. Weight: Polyjacking is extremely lightweight; weighing 3–4 pounds per cubic foot compared to 100–150 pounds per cubic foot of traditional mud. With this lightweight solution polyurethane materials are much less likely to overburden unstable soil and prevent further erosion.
  2. Visually Appealing: Traditional Mudjacking requires 1–2 inch holes drilled into your concrete where as Polyjacking only requires dime size holes. Since Polyjacking only utilizes a dime sized hole, once patched it’s virtually impossible to find the injection site.

  3.  Fast Drying Time: Polyjacking uses a two-part polyurethane that will expand and cure within seconds! The benefit of this is that you can walk on the repaired concrete instantly after the repairs are complete. Mudjacking however requires 2–3 hours before the concrete is ready for use again.

  4.  Eco-Friendly: Traditional Mudjacking uses a mixture or “Slurry” composed of sandy loam, cement, and water. This mixture will break down over time due to water and washout. Polyjacking however uses two-part polyurethane that is injected through a dime sized hole and instantly begins to expand and lift the concrete. The polyurethane used will only break down when exposed to UV light. Since it is injected underneath the cement it will never come into contact with light; therefore, never breaking down.