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When the concrete begins to sink or crack on your driveway, sidewalk, or patio, the first thought most people have is that replacement is the only option. Thankfully, this is not the case for Carrollton residents who now have access a better method that is growing in popularity. 

Before you start calling concrete companies inquiring about replacement costs, you should be aware a viable alternative to that exists that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. A slight twist on something called mudjacking, polyjacking is a straightforward process that can save you thousands of dollars on your repair. .

Level Up: Concrete Repair Company in Carrollton

As a leading concrete repair company in Carrollton, TX, Level Up is able to raise your settled concrete back to where it was originally poured through a process called polyjacking. Concrete restoration services like this can be accomplished in one of two ways: by injecting a polyurethane material beneath the concrete to raise it up, or by using a mudjacking process to do the same thing. The approach is almost identical, however, we will point out some differences for your consideration. 

This method works on a variety of applications from sidewalk repair, pool deck repair, as well as concrete driveway repair. As a company that services Carrolloton, we can provide you with professional and reliable service at very affordable rates. While there are other concrete contractors in Carrollton to choose from, our track record as a foundation repair company provides extensive experience with reference to structural engineering. This means that our approach is thorough, and our solutions come with a guarantee. 

The Differences Between Mudjacking and Polyjacking

Although both polyjacking and mudjacking are effective processes for restoring the level of your concrete, polyjacking offers some advantages because of the material used. How much does mudjacking cost compared to polyjacking? To some extent, that will depend on the mudjacking company in Carrollton that you choose. Generally speaking, mudjacking will cost a bit less due to the use of “mud-mix” vs. polyurethane. 

However, in most cases polyjacking is the smarter choice for the informed home or business owner. This is due to its lighter weight and reduced impact on the ground beneath the concrete. This means that long-term, polyurethane presents a much lower burden on the ground underneath which can reduce future settling. This feature contributes to future stability. Whereas polyurethane weighs about 2-4 lbs. per cubic foot, the mudjacking mix weighs around 100 bs. per cubic foot. This weight difference is considerable. 

Another notable difference between the two processes is the fact that polyjacking typically requires much smaller injection holes when applying polyurethane. For example, poly will require drilled holes the size of ½” as opposed to 1” or 2” holes necessary to inject the mudjacking material. For aesthetic reasons, the smaller injection holes are preferred by many of our customers. These holes are filled in during the last step of the process, and patched. 

How to Repair Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete sidewalk repair follows the same process we use when fixing a concrete driveway, or performing pool deck repairs using the polyjacking method. Here’s how concrete raising and leveling is accomplished for these kinds of repairs:

  • Drill injection holes – first, injection holes must be drilled in the concrete near the areas which have been sinking.
  • Inject polyurethane – once the holes have been drilled, and a hose has been inserted, polyurethane is then pumped into the empty space below the concrete to fill it in.
  • Voids filled in – the weight of the concrete slab above forces the polyurethane into cracks and crevices in the ground, so that all air space is removed.
  • Injection holes re-filled – when the concrete slab has been completely leveled, the injection holes are re-filled with fresh cement.

Here’s the best part, only one or two hours are necessary for the entire operation to be accomplished depending upon the size and scope of the job. You can often begin using your new sidewalk, driveway, patio, or pool deck on that same day the work was performed! This represents another huge advantage over completely replacing sections of your concrete surface. It is also a much less invasive process around your home or place of business, so there is far less disruption to daily life at home or at work.

A Trusted Slabjacking Company in Carrollton

If you have a concrete surface which has been steadily sinking and requires repair, you should call Level Up right away for a free estimate. We recommend you take action before the concrete becomes severely damaged by cracking or breaking, and before too much moisture enters the ground through these cracks. 

Before you spend another day worrying about the cost of full replacement, take a few minutes to learn about this polyjacking alternative. Concrete raising carries a much lower cost for your driveway leveling, sidewalk raising, or pool deck leveling project. One of our friendly concrete contractors will provide you with a free, low pressure estimate, as well as answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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