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You may not be aware until you experience it within your own home or business, but concrete that’s unlevel can become both a safety hazard and will depreciate the value of your property. When an issue occurs, it should be addressed because it will not repair itself – ever. In fact, it will only become more hazardous and costly to repair as time goes on.

While some degree of settlement is normal, you want to ensure that any concrete around your home or business is level. Not only does it appear unsightly, but it can pose a hazard to those walking, can become worse as water pools and soil settles further.

Resolving Concrete Leveling Issues: Repair or Replace?

When experiencing issues that require concrete raising and leveling, there are generally two options to fix the problem. The first is to replace an entire slab of concrete with new concrete. The second is concrete raising and/or leveling.

Replacing concrete is expensive, costly and, unfortunately, is not a long-term solution. Simply replacing the concrete slab does not address the issue and, in reality, it will settle again over time. Concrete settlement is usually caused by the concrete sinking into loose soil over time or soil erosion. That’s how you got into this mess in the first place!

Look at Concrete Raising, Not Replacement.

Believe it or not, contractors are often able to save you time and money by raising your current concrete, rather than replacing it all together. This is usually a quick and straightforward process once a method of repair is decided upon. Not only is it faster to raise concrete than to replace the unlevel concrete – it’s also less expensive.

There are various methods of how to level or raise concrete. Traditionally speaking, mudjacking is the most cost effective – but that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective solution. That’s because mudjacking can be quite heavy, which means it’s more likely to overburden any unstable soil.

Another option is the use of the polyurethane method. Polyurethane is basically a foam-like material, which we inject under your current concrete slabs. This is more effective in resolving issues that don’t involve compressive strengths. While it’s definitely more costly than mudjacking – up to five times more expensive – the polyurethane comparatively weighs significantly less than mudjacking materials made of mud  that’s often mixed with sand, concrete or other similar materials.

To put this in perspective, under five pounds of polyurethane per cubic foot is comparable to at least 100 pounds per cubic foot of traditional mud materials. Using the lightweight material can ensure a longer lasting solution. So, while you are paying more cost upfront, your investment is sounder in terms of quality and longevity.

However, when compressive strength is at the root of the issue, experts recommend the traditional mudjacking method. Contractors are able to ensure that the materials used for the mudjacking process are strong enough to support the weight, often by mixing other materials in with mud.

Which Method Should I Use to Level Concrete?

That depends – you should contact a contractor sooner than later to help you assess the damage and determine the most effective solution for your specific scenario. Deciding upon a method generally depends on factors that caused the concrete leveling issues in the first place.

Once an expert is able to determine the cause, he or she will be able to recommend the best method suited to your specific needs. Either way, having your current concrete raised rather than replace is the difference between fixing the slabs within a couple of hours or tearing up the area completely which can take days or, even, weeks.

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