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Concrete can last for decades, yet it is bound to crack over a period of use due to the soil beneath it. In fact, cracking begins as it cures after installation although this is not always visible. As time goes by, the cracking can become worse due to weather conditions. Our concrete contractors can offer your a FREE estimate if you see cracks or separation in your cement or slab. Replacement is not cheap, and it takes considerable time however this is often not required today. Our repair services are the best option when looking to fix the settling concrete on your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool deck. We specialize in polyjacking, which follows the same principle as mudjacking except that it is done with polyurethane.

How It Works

It helps to learn what the process entails before you reach out to speak with our concrete company or repair contractor. The typical process starts with a repair contractor analyzing the surface that is experiencing issues. Understanding the various elements that may influence the process is vital, and helps to address the root cause of the issue. By properly evaluating the nearby area, we can also identify utility lines and/or tree roots which are important considerations in the process.

After a proper analysis, our concrete contractors begin by drilling small holes which will be used for injecting the poly foam. One advantage that polyjacking offers is that holes are smaller than those required by mudjacking. Then we prepare the material and equipment, which includes a heated hose for the material injection. We then inject the polyurethane foam through the holes, which crawls into the spaces beneath the slab. As the foam expands, it stabilizes the loose soils and fills the crevices. The concrete slab lifts to its original position, and then our contractors ensure it is level.  After leveling, we patch the holes, thus making your concrete surface ready to use.

Why Does Our Concrete Company Use Polyjacking?

Why would a concrete repair contractor choose polyjacking over other repair methods? One reason is the weight of the polyurethane. Per cubic foot, poly foam weighs 2 to 4 pounds compared to the 100 pounds of traditional mud. The weight difference makes foam a suitable option when jacking an area with unstable soils. Poly foam puts less burden on the soil than mud, and ensures a long-term solution.

The benefit of poly jacking is the size and number of holes typically required. When injecting poly foam, the solution is a highly pressurized liquid that allows for expansion into crevices beneath the surface. Due to the nature of this material as opposed to mud, fewer holes in the concrete surface leave it looking clean and attractive after repair.

Compression of polyurethane occurs at a consistent psi rate, eliminating the risks of over-compression. Concrete repair companies prefer poly foam because it is a very high-quality material, eco-friendly, light to transport, and offers an effective life span in support of concrete surfaces. Deterioration and breakdown do not occur when slab jacking uses polyurethane. This characteristic is also helpful for areas that handle high traffic. The polyjacking process takes very little time to achieve the necessary repair for concrete contractors. In 25 to 30 minutes, the poly foam will start to cure, so you don’t have to wait days until a surface becomes usable again.

What Causes Settling To Begin With?

Construction that is performed on back-filled soils needs proper compaction. Poor compaction will cause the backfill to become uneven, and this results in settling of slabs and other concrete surfaces. Properties with poor drainage can also have setting issues. Incorrect drainage can be natural to the region, or be a result of poor installation of downspouts or improper grading. When water fails to drain properly, it causes instability in the soil and subsequent settling occurs.

Another source of settlement is the condition of the soil itself. This is a challenge for those of us who live in DFW. Elastic soils, such as those rich in clay, expand and contract depending on the moisture content. This means the ground beneath concrete can saturate with water from heavy rains or plumbing leaks, but problems also occur in times of draught. The expansion and contraction greatly affect the supportive strength, causing concrete to crack or sink. Settling may also occur if a concrete surface is near trees and shrubs. These plants consume a lot of water, and this can deplete soil of moisture leading to draught like conditions you cannot see beneath.

Avoid the common mistake of leaving settling concrete persist too long without repair. The longer it takes, the more dire the situation becomes in terms of remedy. Our concrete contractors will evaluate your concerns, and determine how much work is required. With polyurethane, you will find a long-term solution that saves you money. Don’t let the fear of replacement keep you from taking action today.

When looking for concrete repair companies to take care of your surfaces, consider Level Up. Contact us for a free estimate and learn why we are a trusted contractor throughout DFW. Whether it’s your business property or residence, we deliver first-rate poly jacking services for durable and long-lasting solutions.

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