Foundation Repair Lewisville, Texas

Foundation Repair Lewisville, TX

Need Foundation Repair in the Lewisville, Texas area? Call the professionals at LEVEL uP Foundation Repar. We offer quality foundation repair for the Lewsiville , TX community.

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When you need professional foundation repair service in Lewsiville, Texas, Level uP is ready to help. As a family owned company, our repair specialist are trained to identify the root cause of your foundatin problems. We are very familiar witht he construction and soil types in the Lewisville area. We offer Commercial and residential foundation repair for Lewisville that is efficient, effective, and affordable. If you have a concrete slab foundation, look no further. There are many factor that may lead to foundation failure; such as weak soils, moisture shifts, nearby trees that are maturing.


Signs of a Failing Foundation

If your home has a failing foundation, it can lead to all sorts of structural issues. Common indications of a failing foundation include wall seperation, cracks in the drywall, doors that are difficult to open or close, uneven floors, and windows that don’t close fully. You should never ignore the signs of a failing foundation, thinking they will resolve on their own. If a foundation is damaged and doesn’t receive repair, it can lead to more costly and serious problems. We recommend seeking a professional opinion as soon as you notice any signs of foundation issues. 


Selling your house soon?

Homes that have foundation probelms are extermely hard to sell. If you are planing on selling your home and think there may be an underlying foundation issues, we can assist in identifying the cause. We offer free consultations + inspections to put your mind at ease, that you won’t be caught off gaurd by any unexpected repairs when listing your house.