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Collectively, we’re a concrete repair contractor that’s amassed decades of experience in the foundation repair industry. As an added service to customers, we also began offering concrete raising in Frisco, and we’re eager to share our unique value proposition.

First, let’s answer a common question:

What Is Concrete Raising and Leveling?

Concrete leveling is a civil engineering term that describes a method for fixing uneven concrete surfaces. The procedure works by adjusting the surface’s foundation, and stands as a cost-saving measure for consumers versus simply replacing the concrete altogether… which is why choosing the right team of concrete levelers is not only important, but vital.

If you’ve ever heard great things concerning “slabjacking” or “mudjacking,” you’re in luck—we’re both a slabjacking company and mudjacking company in Frisco. Both words describe the same specialty process for concrete raising and leveling which entails lifting sunken concrete segments up via pumping a mud-mix beneath the surface. However, we have improved upon this process for our customers and recommend something called polyjacking.

What Is the Difference Between Mudjacking and PolyJacking?

Polyjacking is an advanced implementation of mudjacking. When performed by an experienced team of professionals, it can be used for concrete driveway repair, concrete sidewalk repair, and concrete pool deck repair for same-day and long-lasting repairs vs. replacement.

At Level Up, we are experts in all implementations of polyjacking, here are just a few reasons we love it:

  • Polyurethane is extremely lightweight. Thanks to the light weight of the polyurethane that is used during poly jacking, our material is 2-4 pounds per cubic foot in comparison to the 100 pounds per cubic foot of mud-mix used with mudjacking. Polyurethane won’t burden any unstable soil located beneath your concrete. This makes polyjacking a more versatile concrete leveling procedure than traditional mudjacking.
  • Polyjacking provides more attractive results. Pumping polyurethane requires much smaller injection holes than traditional mudjacking procedures. Mudjacking holes are typically between 1” to 2”. Polyjacking holes are approximately 5/8”—or smaller!
  • Polyjacking is super-fast. It’s far, far quicker to poly jack your concrete than to replace it. In fact, an entire driveway leveling procedure often takes as little as one to two hours!
  • Polyjacking has a phenomenal reputation. The U.S. Department of Transportation appears to favor polyjacking over all other concrete raising and leveling alternatives for fixing major highways and bridges. And if polyjacking is good enough for our nation’s roads and bridges, it should be at the top of your list if you’re considering to repair concrete sidewalks or driveways at your home or business.

Frisco Concrete Restoration Services — How PolyJacking Works

Here’s a look at our step-by-step procedure your home’s concrete will undergo during poly jacking:

  1. Injection holes are drilled surrounding the affected concrete areas.
  2. Polyurethane foam is injected and flows into these holes. This material’s elements create a material expansion when mixed, meaning that as the foam is injected, it swiftly expands to eliminate voids beneath the concrete surface. This expansion beneath the surface results in the raising of the concrete.
  3. After injection is complete, the holes used to insert the polyurethane beneath the surface are filled with cement. Not only are these fillings aesthetically pleasing, they also permit the immediate use of your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, or other concrete surface.

Concrete Raising Costs Vary in Frisco TX

After considering all of these benefits, you may be wondering, “How much does mudjacking cost, and does polyjacking come at a premium?”

Whether you’re looking into driveway repairs costs, pool deck repair costs, or something on a larger scale altogether, polyjacking is going to cost slightly more than traditional mudjacking concrete leveling and repair. However, the long-term costs are much lower when you consider durability.

The value proposition here is clear. Polyjacking carries a premium price because it’s a premium service. Its ability to offer extraordinary, aesthetically pleasing results outstrips what traditional mudjacking is capable of, not to mention it’s lightning-quick installation process.

Moreover, if you know there is unsuitable soil fill beneath the surface of your concrete as the initial cause, polyjacking is the best option to avoid future re-settlement. Unlike mudjacking, polyjacking your concrete with polyurethane foam guarantees results, even in otherwise unstable circumstances.

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