Concrete Leveling Services in Lewisville, Texas

We are a reputable concrete repair company in Lewisvlle honored for our professional services in concrete raising and leveling.

Concrete leveling is one of the best ways one can renovate his or her worn out concrete projects without having to replace the old paths with new concrete. Our company uses the latest concrete leveling techniques such as Polyurethane foam to raise and or repair your concrete accordingly.

So if your concrete works need leveling, it is important to call our experts. They will supervise your project, inform you whether to replace your concrete or level it using Polyurethane foam in mudjacking. After overseeing the project, we shall move a step ahead to provide you with a free budget estimate.

Our contractors are specialized in replacing all types of concrete works including;

  • Parking lots
  • Warehouse floors
  • Runways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways

What is mudjacking?

A sinking slab on your sidewalk or driveway is a common problem. The issue can turn to be a hazard since it can result in injuries due to falls, or even destroy your car when driving. The cost of managing such accidents may be higher than the cost of leveling your concrete slabs.

If your old slabs are cracked, you shall be required to replace them with new concrete slabs. Usually, most people are prevented from renovating their old concrete works due to the high cost of repair.

Our company uses an efficient and cheap way of leveling your sidewalk or driveway known as mudjacking. Mudjacking is the process of raising the concrete level by pumping mud underneath the slabs to attain a desirable level.
Currently, mudjacking is the cheapest technique of concrete repair. Alongside mudjacking are techniques such as slab jacking or poly leveling.

Poly leveling is popular because:

  • It is cost effective compared to traditional methods of slab jacking.
  • Poly leveling provides a long lasting solution.
  • It takes a shorter time
  • It is easier compared to traditional methods. The process just requires contractors to regulate the chemical reaction that boosts the polyurethane foam to expand and raise concrete to a suitable level.
  • Poly leveling is environmentally friendly
  • Polyurethane foam is light and durable. For this reason, it can support massive concrete slabs while minimizing the weight subjected on the foundation.
  • Poly leveling cannot be washed away by storm water.

How much does mudjacking cost?

Mudjacking is relatively cheap compared to the cost of concrete replacement. Its cost is estimated to range between 1/2 and 1/3 of what you could have incurred in replacing your particular project with concrete works.
The cost of mudjacking varies depending on the project. Likewise, the cost depends on the space that is under the concrete. For this reason, our slab jacking company in Lewisville recommends that you contact our professional contractors who will assist you in making accurate cost estimates.

After supervising your project, we shall suggest an affordable solution, by either suggesting that you replace your concrete with new concrete or we help you lift your leveling project with Polyurethane foam.

Sidewalk repair

Repairing sidewalks is necessary for improving the safety of pedestrians by minimizing the risk of tripping and falling. Moreover, our contractors ensure that the sidewalks are accessible by pedestrians living with disabilities more so those using wheelchairs. Repairing sidewalks will also help you to comply with the Transportation Bureau’s standards.

How to repair concrete sidewalk

Sidewalks will often wear out depending on the weather, maintenance and even the type of soil in its foundation. The routine repair will be required, preferably using a long lasting solution that will save the budget of regular maintenance.
You may consider replacing damaged concrete slabs with new ones. However, if the concrete slab is not severely damaged or is just sunken, our sidewalk repair company in Lewisville recommends that you consider renovating it using our advanced slab jacking technique.

Concrete Driveway Repair

Like sidewalks, concrete driveways may wear out due to exposure to temperature changes or weight stress from vehicles using the path. Ripping out the whole concrete driveway may be costly. You will be required to meet the cost of hiring people who will help in ripping out the driveway.

After which, you will have to purchase construction materials and hire a contractor. In other cases, you may hire a concrete repair contractor to repair the defect slabs, but the solution won’t be long lasting.

How to Fix a Concrete Driveway

In case your driveway is partially broken, it is worth to consider our driveway leveling services. Our professional contractors will repair your driveway at a low price using poly leveling technology. With our concrete repair services, your project will be completed within a short time allowing you to continue using your driveway. Poly leveling guarantees you durability.

Concrete Pool Deck Repair

An uneven pool deck surface poses a dangerous risk of tripping. This may prevent you from the pleasure of enjoying your leisure around the pool to a fear of injury. If this is your problem, worry no more. Our pool deck repair company in Lewisville will help to level the uneven pool deck surfaces.

Unlike our competitors who will show up with an excessive pool deck repair cost, our company guarantees you of regular services at a realistic price. Our contractors will leave your pool deck looking better and safe.

Our mudjacking company in Lewisville will serve you with professional and reliable contractors who are experienced in all concrete restoration services. We specialize in:

  • Raising the level of sunken concrete slabs
  • Repairing damaged concrete slabs
  • Concrete raising in Lewisville
  • All other concrete leveling services

What makes us the outstanding concrete contractors in Lewisville?

Unlike most service providers, before we start working on your project, our contractors will supervise your project and provide you with a realistic concrete raising cost. Besides, they will suggest a practical and long lasting solution. If you are looking for concrete repair contractors, do not hesitate to contact us now. We shall respond to your call urgently, and book a schedule to repair your concrete.

Why Choose Us?

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