The Best Concrete Raising and Leveling in McKinney, Texas

Traditionally, homeowners had limited options when seeking to fix their sinking concrete. The cost of replacing it came at a considerable expense. Thus it was common for sidewalks, driveways, and stairs to sink over time and be left unresolved as other home improvement projects took priority based on cost. But this has changed, and today, residents now turn to concrete raising and leveling to restore their surfaces to like new condition for a fraction of the cost. If you’re considering concrete raising in McKinney, let’s explore how this works.

The Process Of Concrete Raising in McKinney:

This new-found method has led a lot of McKinney residents to asking the question of how to raise or concrete. The process by which concrete levelers accomplish their objective is quite simple in concept. First, they identify the low places or uneven sections in the driveway, sidewalk, or other cement surface. Second, they drill small homes through the troubled area in order to access the soil recesses below. Third, they fill this void with special materials in order to raise concrete back to its’ level position. We will discuss the benefits of choosing the right concrete leveling products below, but in both concept and practice, this is how raising concrete works. As you can see, the cost savings is clearly visible when repairing vs. replacing your uneven surfaces. Now that you understand how to level concrete, let’s explore how you can choose the right products. This will have an impact on short term and long-term costs.

What’s the Difference Between Mudjacking and Polyjacking?

 Mudjacking or slab jacking is a concept and terminology that began to catch on in the last decade. This refers to the type of material that is injected into the soil recesses below the sinking slab or section. So what is mudjacking? “Mud” refers to a slurry compound that requires larger diameter holes (often 1-2 inches) to be drilled in the concrete. While the mudjacking compound carries a bit cheaper cost by the pound, it is being replaced by a new concrete foam substance referred to as “poly.” Why? There are several reasons that McKinney residents are making this choice. First, mud jacking results in larger cosmetic patches left behind once the job is finished. Second, it is far heavier by the pound, which means further settling can occur in the proceeding months and years. This can result in required follow-up work, which in turn results in more cosmetic holes. Third, while the slabjack cost can be less upfront this can result in higher costs long-term, which is undesirable for most people in McKinney who simply wish to repair their concrete once and for all.

What Does The Average Mudjacking Company in McKinney Recommend?

 Some McKinney mudjacking companies standby the methods they are accustomed to using, but those who care about longevity in customer satisfaction are now recommending polyjacking instead. The weight of poly is a fraction of that of mud, and with it’s eco-friendly and expandable qualities in the soil recesses, it provides a much longer life with minimal settling. It’s for this reason that the mudjacking cost should be evaluated in terms of true concrete repairs vs. short term fixes.

Why You Should Choose Sidewalk repair Over Replacement

 Every city has a different policy regarding sidewalk repairs. In some cases, the city or neighborhood association will require replacement but the homeowner is responsible for the cost. In other areas, the decision for sidewalk repair is at the discretion and expense of the homeowner, although certain standards or a specific sidewalk repair company is required. You should always check with the changing laws of your city, and if you life in McKinney, simply give us a call and we’ll explain the latest policy for your home’s location.

Sidewalk leveling is certainly more desirable than replacement when mudjacking/polyjacking is available. The process in how your repair a concrete sidewalk is simple, and follows the same process as outlined above. Not only can uneven sidewalks be dangerous on foot, but they affect children riding bikes and parents pushing strollers. We can assist you with cement sidewalk repair at a very affordable cost, restoring both safety and good aesthetics to your neighborhood.

Call A Trustworthy McKinney Concrete Repair Contractor, First.

 Many homeowners are surprised to learn that McKinney (due to Texas state law) has no licensing requirements for concrete contractors. That’s right, anyone can answer the phone and claim experience and know-how before drilling into your cement. For this reason, we recommend you ask questions about both equipment and experience, as both will drastically affect the outcome you’re aiming for when requesting an estimate. A good concrete repair contractor will visit your home or business, inspect the area, and provide a detailed bid that explains the scope of work and pricing. Pouring a driveway is not the same as repairing one, so be sure you ask the concrete contractors in McKinney for pictures of past work and references to the point of feeling confident in their abilities.

The New Approach to Concrete Driveway Repair in McKinney

 If you’re wondering how to fix a concrete driveway, we favor repair any day of the week. Driveway leveling is so much more cost effective than removing and pouring new sections, that most McKinney homeowners choose this route. Because concrete driveway repair is a suitable and long-term solution, when address with poly vs. mudjacking, the cost benefits are also realized and expressed in resale value. Curb appeal matters, and when a prospective homeowner considers the potential cost to fix cracks in a concrete driveway, their offer price often reflects substantial reductions due to their assumption that replacement is the only repair method available. If you are wondering how much your driveway repair cost will run for your McKinney home, call our friendly service technicians today. We will provide a free quote, and help you consider all your options.

Affordable Pool Deck Repair Options in McKinney

 As you can now imagine, we are able to fix all things concrete and this includes pool deck repair as well. If you have cracks in your pool deck, you don’t need to call a pool repair company. In fact, this may cost you more to fix the cracks as they will often subcontract to a McKinney company such as ours to carry out the repairs. This is due to the nature and expense of the equipment, which they typically don’t keep on hand.

Swimming pool deck repairs are a routine part of our service expertise, and the cost is very affordable compared to installation. If you would like to enjoy the look and feel of your pool decking again, let us help restore it to like-new status once again.

Who Are the Best Concrete Repair Companies in McKinney?

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you’re evaluating the best concrete repair company in McKinney to fix your problem. While we don’t put down our competition, we can assure you that our concrete restoration services carry a very high customer satisfaction rating. Additionally, our sister company is a foundation slab repair company with a long track record of fixing very complicated projects that require structural engineering specs and reports. For this reason, we feel that our concrete crack repair is done with an extremely high level of experience and competence. We offer a lifetime warranty on our work, and this is not typical for other concrete repair companies in McKinney.

We welcome your phone call, and the opportunity to provide you with a FREE, no-pressure estimate on your project. You can ask us about our equipment, experience, and process, and our friendly contractors will be glad to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Need Concrete Patio Repair?

 If your home or rental property needs concrete patio or porch repair, our service repair contractors can help. Due to shifting and settling, it’s very common for porches and patios to develop unsightly cracks. Of course, how you repair a concrete patio is exactly the same as how we fix your sidewalk or driveway. Steps are sometimes a special consideration, but these are on our resume, too.

Reduce trip hazards and also cosmetic issues that deter from your enjoyment while relaxing on your porch or patio. Concrete deck repair is a popular service for McKinney residents, and the cost is often not a factor as most remedies are performed on one visit for our repair techs.

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