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As a homeowner, at some point you may have to contend with uneven concrete on your driveway, pool deck, patio or sidewalks. Due to factors like weather, soil conditions and tree roots, concrete slabs may have lifted, creating an uneven surface which is unsightly and may pose a safety hazard.

Concrete driveway repair or pool deck repair is not the type of task you would normally be equipped to handle yourself, so you find yourself looking for a professional concrete leveler. To the average homeowner, the options may be confusing. What are the various techniques, and which is the most effective method for your needs? Who is the most professional sidewalk repair company in Plano? How much does mudjacking cost? Which pool deck repair company in Plano will give me the best results for a fair price? These are all fair questions to consider.

If you are wondering how to fix a concrete driveway or how to repair your concrete sidewalk, read on to learn more about your options, courtesy of Level Up, the premier concrete repair company in Plano. Or, feel free to give us a call for a free estimate.

Concrete Restoration Services

As an expert concrete repair contractor in Plano, our company specializes in the fast and effective restoration of a wide range of concrete surfaces in residential and commercial environments. Unlike the typical slabjacking company in Plano, we use polyjacking, a rapid, clean and long-lasting way to level concrete.

Concrete Repair 101 from Expert Concrete Contractors in Plano

There are generally three ways to perform concrete raising and leveling when it comes to restoring the surface of driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and other residential surfaces.

  • Total concrete removal and replacement
    This is a brute force operation which involves breaking up the original concrete and completely replacing it. Those who have witnessed this process know that it can be very noisy as well as messy and time-consuming – not necessarily something you wish to experience on your own property.
  • Mudjacking
    A less intrusive although still resource heavy method is mudjacking, also referred to as slabjacking. In this process, a number of one to two-inch holes are drilled into different parts of the uneven slab of concrete. A mixture of sand and concrete is then pumped in, filling the voids underneath the sunken surface and raising it up to become level with the others. Once all surfaces are at a uniform level, the drill holes are filled with a concrete mixture.
  • Polyjacking
    This is the least invasive, cleanest and most rapid option. The mechanism of polyjacking is roughly similar to that of mudjacking, but with some important differences. In this process, workers drill holes measuring about 5/8 of an inch – much smaller than with mudjacking – and inject polyurethane foam instead of a concrete mixture. This lighter substance works its way into all sub-concrete voids and any loose soil underneath. The sunken concrete is gradually lifted up to meet the correct level and the holes are patched.

Benefits of Polyjacking vs Mudjacking

While both polyjacking and mudjacking are less time consuming, messy and resource heavy than the traditional break-up-and-replace method, polyjacking is the more advanced choice for homeowners who want a clean, non-invasive, long-lasting solution for driveway leveling and other repairs.

  • Not only does Polyjacking creates smaller holes, fewer of them are needed. This means that the repair will be less obvious than with mudjacking, giving a more uniform and attractive appearance to your concrete.
  • Polyurethane foam is much lighter than the concrete mixture used in mudjacking. This is important because it does not burden the soil underneath, which is often loose and poorly compacted. In fact, the pressure added by the heavy slurry used mudjacking can cause the same problems to reappear in a few years.
  • Polyjacking is a more permanent solution, as it does not shrink or subside over time, which may happen in the case of mudjacking.
  • Polyjacking is more precise – the foam can be targeted to expand and fill all crevices and can be used to raise concrete slabs more precisely than with mudjacking
  • The concrete raising cost of polyjacking is somewhat more expensive than that of mudjacking. However, when you factor in the benefits: the permanent nature of the repair, the light materials and the more uniform look, polyjacking is clearly a more informed choice.

Whether you are looking for concrete pool deck repair, concrete driveway repair or just want to find out the average sidewalk repair cost, our experts are ready to assist you.

Before you consult a traditional mudjacking company in Plano, you owe it to yourself to learn more about our superior polyjacking services – call us now for a free estimate!

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