Polyjacking is a new technique when it comes to raising uneven concrete. Traditionally when it came to sunken or uneven concrete you would turn to Mudjacking, or busting out the concrete and sending it to live forever in a landfill, those days are over!

Polyjacking is revolutionizing the market, gone are the days of jackhammering and removing existing concrete that was uneven. Polyjacking involves drilling dime size holes into the concrete and injecting a high density foam that rapidly expands to raise and level your concrete. This process takes as little as two hours and can be used for a variety of applications, such as pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, porches, steps, roads, and much more.

Polyjacking is saving the environment one piece of concrete at a time. Unlike mudjacking; polyjacking is light weight and will not disturb the soil around the concrete leading to more erosion. Lifting settled concrete with polyurethane foam is considered a long-term repair, not a temporary fix. Our lightweight high-density foams won’t loose density like mudjacking slurry. Our hydrophobic foams cure in 3–5 minutes and will completely maintain their compressive strength. Also, our foams won’t break down or washout from water.

Polyjacking gives you another option to save your existing concrete and helps preserve the beauty of the world around us. So ask yourself what would you rather your kids see?