Pool Deck Repair

Because concrete is poured on top of soil, problems may occur due to settling. The result is tension which leads to both separation and cracks that become visible on your pool deck. Soil movement is caused by changes in moisture from improper drainage or a drastic increased flow of water under the slab. It can also be caused by burrowing animals making a home under your concrete, such as rodents or large populations of insects. Unstable soil will cause the concrete around your pool deck to sink into the ground. Whatever the cause of your sinking concrete, this erosive damage increases the risk of cracks appearing in your pool deck surface or patio. Our company specializes in pool deck crack repair through a procedure called concrete raising.

What Is Concrete Raising?

Concrete raising, also called slabjacking, is a pool deck repair method that corrects the orientation of an uneven or sinking slab of concrete by enforcing the soil foundation supporting it. A mud-mix or slurry is pumped through holes in the concrete, and the slabs are pushed up from below, effectively leveling the sections. The holes are strategically drilled by our trained specialists to increase lift in the necessary spots, and then the holes are filled with new cement. In our case, we recommend an improved form of this procedure when it comes to restoring your pool deck. Let’s take a look at both methods currently in use. below.

Pool Deck Repair: Polyjacking vs. Mudjacking

Traditionally, concrete slabs have been leveled through the injection of a mud-like material. The first injections fill the empty spaces left by depressed soil under the concrete, and the subsequent injections lift the slab to a level state within minutes. This is much faster, cheaper, and less disturbing to neighbors than replacing sunken concrete. Polyjacking works the same way as mudjacking, but it utilizes a light weight polyurethane foam instead of the mud mixture. The foam expands under the slab and lifts it up. Traditional concrete can weigh up to 150 pounds per cubic foot, while “slurry” used in mudjacking is roughly 100 pounds per cubic foot. Polyurethane foam is only 2 to 4 pounds per cubic foot. This makes it easier to transport and work with. The compressive strength of polyurethane foam is slightly weaker than traditional methods, but the drastic decrease in weight makes it the perfect candidate for raising slabs above unstable ground and for avoiding future settlement. It is also favored by the U.S. DOT and used in road repair. Heavier materials used in traditional mudjacking run the risk of overburdening looser soils such as peat moss. While pool deck repair costs via traditional mudjacking are slightly cheaper than the costs of polyurethane leveling, polyjacking has enduring benefits and make it the perfect choice for homeowners in DFW.

Benefits Of Polyurethane Concrete Raising

The added benefits of using polyurethane for pool deck repair are many. Polyurethane expands after being pumped under the concrete pool deck surface, so fewer and smaller holes are needed to get the job done. The holes are less than half the size of holes left by mudjacking. Cosmetically, this makes the hole repairs almost completely unnoticeable. This expansion of foam also has the ability to focus on filling the weaker parts beneath the foundation below. Besides being eco-friendly, the material is durable, light, and extremely dense. Unlike traditional mud, polyurethane doesn’t react to chemicals or water in the surrounding soils. Additionally, poly only breaks down when exposed to UV light over time. Since it is situated beneath the concrete, you never have to worry about it. Mud can take a long time to dry and set, while polyurethane foam hardens within 15 minutes of being pumped. The foam is extremely durable and long-lasting: it holds its shape and strength, which reduces the chance of future issues.

Free Estimate On Your Pool Deck Repair or Patio

Sinking concrete is a problem for everyone in DFW due to our soil, but it’s a problem that we can fix. Polyurethane raising has many upsides, and it’s also a very cost effective pool deck repair solution compared to demolition and replacement. It’s important to get your pool deck cracks repaired before the damage widens or gets worse. Contact us today for a free repair estimate!

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