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Over time, concrete sidewalks can sink and separate. Such sinking is not only unsightly but can also be dangerous. Even a relatively small change in the surfaces between one sidewalk panel and another can be hazardous to both adults and children.

Among the reasons for concrete sidewalk issues is the condition of the underlying soil. Soils that are rich in clay, for example, take up more space and expand when they are mixed with water. This pressure causes sidewalk panels to expand, and cracks can result. In dry conditions, moisture content is reduced and this can result in settling issues.

In other cases, the soil on which your sidewalks were poured might be inadequately compacted. Over time, tree roots may have grown and pushed up one or two of the panels. Additionally, inadequate drainage can cause moisture to gather and affect the sidewalk.

The sooner the concrete surface is restored to its original level, the better for curb appeal and safety. You should not wait until the problem worsens before tending to it. Not only will the unsafe situation present liability concerns, but you are likely to incur increased repair costs later by waiting.

How To Repair A Concrete Sidewalk 

To restore concrete sidewalks to their original level position, two major approaches are available. One method is to replace the concrete panels, a process that can be expensive and time consuming. First, the old concrete needs to be broken up and removed. After that, the ground needs to be properly prepared for the new concrete to be poured. Then the concrete needs to be placed on the surface and allowed to dry. This is not the preferred method, and not one we recommend.

The Preferred Method of Sidewalk Leveling

The other method of sidewalk repair is less expensive, takes a relatively short time, and proves just as effective as replacing the concrete with new panels. This process involves lifting the concrete, aligning it, and restoring it to its original level and condition.

Lifting the concrete sidewalk that has sunken involves drilling holes in the concrete, pumping in a substance, and allowing the sidewalk to rise to its original position.

  • One method of concrete lifting is called mudjacking. This has been the traditional restoration method for sidewalk raising. This involves drilling holes in the concrete and pumping “mud” underneath to raise it.
  • The other is polyjacking, an improved way to raise concrete that will take less than two hours to complete.

When using polyjacking to lift your sidewalk, holes are drilled in the areas where the surface needs to be raised. A foam material is injected into smaller holes than required of mudjacking. This polyurethane foam mix fills the space beneath the concrete slab, and a reaction is caused that results material expansion. This expansion effect raises the sidewalk slab back to its original level position.

The Benefits Of Polyjacking For Sidewalk Repair

Here is why polyjacking is preferred by more homeowners:

  • The material is lightweight, weighing only about 2 to 4 pounds for every cubic foot compared with 100 pounds for “slurry” or 150 pounds per cubic foot of traditional concrete. This lighter weight means the material is less likely to further compact the unstable soil, and performs more effectively when filling the empty spaces than does mud.

This lightweight aspect is a major reason that transportation departments around the country are said to prefer the use of polyurethane over mud to lift bridge approaches that are sagging, or to fill in highway dips. Poly can be used to raise sidewalks that were poured over unsuitable or unstable soil situations. Additionally, applying polyurethane in sidewalk repair is more attractive upon project completion because the holes drilled to pump in the foam are smaller than those used for mud. (The polyurethane holes are less than five-eighths of an inch compared with holes for mud jacking that are between an inch and two inches in size.) Experts recommend the use of polyurethane because of future benefits. It will work more effectively over time under diverse moisture conditions, reducing future attention due to more settling.

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